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Hey, I'm Mike O'Sullivan - creator of Mosco.Media and welcome to my website (currently under construction) where I intend to add examples of my work, both video and audio, including projects that I have also been involved in as a Camera Operator or a Sound Op/Tech.

My love of audio composition, my passion for picture and inquisitive obsession for creative gadgets, I need no excuse when it comes to conjuring up a new creative idea to explore. Whether on a keyboard in the recording studio or with a camera outside in the rough, but stunningly beautiful New Zealand terrain, I like to believe my keen eye and well trained ear have a knack of knowing when something looks and sounds just right.

With over 25 years' experience in music production and over 30 years DJing (House Music) it has become second nature for me to know which sounds work for different occasions, evoke certain emotions and more importantly how to get there, whether it be for a radio jingle, background music composition for a nature documentary or a 'one on one' video interview.

Relatively new to the Photography and Video production field, I've always had a keen eye for both still and moving images but have now made positive steps to following my passion in this area pursuing both a career and life style satisfaction as an all-round, all in one, audio video picture guy and camera operator.


"I'm always keen to collaborate and love hearing and juggling new ideas about"

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My passions include family, music, sport, the outdoors, nature, the great New Zealand scenery and anything else that I find interesting and visually appealing. Id like to think my fun and 'give it a go' work ethic make me enjoyable to work with and my patient, easy going but focused attitude ensures a good result whatever I try my hand at.

Im always keen to collaborate and love hearing peoples ideas so if theres any way I may be able to help you don't hesitate to get in touch.

All the best,


+64 2102 263236

Queenstown, South Island, NZ

Awesome, message received! :-)

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